About the Artist:

Samantha G is a scribe, a voice, and an entertainer who lends her penchant sound and sentience to poetry, music, theater, revelry, and even corporate enterprises. With more than 12 years of experience working with individual clients, small businesses, and large business in both the public and private sectors, Samantha fuses her knowledge of how the white collar world works with her life as an artist to create content and experiences that serve both niche and mainstream clients. It's safe to say that she'll never "quit her day job."  As a voiceover artist and voice actor, Samantha leans into the sensory appeal of her voice and her capacity for creative writing. Through curation, she channels her ability to connect with people of varied backgrounds. As an event host and all-around entertainer, Samantha blends her vocal prowess with her natural wit and humor. In corporate spaces, Samantha is known for her ability to create strategies that drive efficiency and deliver high returns on investments of effort.  Whether Samantha is moderating a panel, or voicing a children's storybook character, she is committed to excellence in execution and client satisfaction. Currently, Samantha is only accepting new clients for voiceover recordings, and live "Voice of God" annoucements.